How The Site Works

Welcome to our site !

This page will give you brief info about how this site works, please, read it carefully.

3 Important Things you need to know:

1. How the site works:

There is 2 options for you to choose!

1- Buy the course you want with the fixed price at each course

2- You can choose from three Membership Plans:

  • Weekly Membership $20.99 (per week)
  • Monthly Membership $25.99 (per month)
  • Lifetime Membership $99.99


After your payment (for a membership) you will be able to download and learn online all courses immediately.

2. Downloading and Learn Online

After register the account, you have to click “ENROLL” at the bottom of each course to Download and Learn Online the Course

You can learn online the course you want ( Don’t have to download to find out the course, so convenient!)

You can download any course you want

3. Viewing and reading the files

For viewing video files I can recommend VLC Player (download here it is free)

For PDF – Adobe Reader.